lahznimmo architects

Armory Wharf Cafe

lahznimmo architects were engaged by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to design a new cafe to replace an existing cafe in a heritage listed Building 13, which burnt down. The new Café draws upon the palette of existing materials and typological forms of the Armory Precinct. In plan, the building matches the original Building 13 footprint, ensuring continuity of wharf scale. Functional necessities of kitchen exhaust and gas flues have been encased in chimney structure that references the silhouettes of retained cranes. The rhythm of weathered steel and recycled timber blades, which survived the 2007 fire, are carried into the building and set the pattern of solid and void along the southern elevation. The inset railway tracks, that originally carried armaments, have been retained and incased in clear epoxy resin. The original canopy by lacoste stevenson architects which burnt down during the fire was also reinstated.